T-Shirt Design Contest

We invite students to submit designs for a new t-shirt for the Southwestern Anthropological Association. Designs should be for the front of the t-shirt (not back or sleeves) and, while we encourage creativity, designs should clearly represent SWAA.

Designs should use original graphics and the winner must be willing to cede design copyright to SWAA upon being selected.

T-shirts will be sold online and at the SWAA conference in order to raise funds for SWAA activities and future student prizes.

We will award one grand prize of $200 to the designer chosen for the new SWAA t-shirt.

Please submit designs to SWAA President A.J. Faas by January 25. Winners will be notified in mid-February and recognized at the banquet at the 88th Annual SWAA Conference in San Jose. T-shirt sales will begin prior to the conference.